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Viele schöne Nachrichten aus dem Hause Megadeth. Nicht nur, dass das neue Album endlich einen Namen hat - „United Abominations" - Frontmann Dave Mustaine und Drummer Shawn Drover sprachen mit Jon Wiederhorn von über den Fortschritt der Aufnahmen. Aber lest selbst:

"We rented [LED ZEPPELIN drummer] John Bonham's drum kit and recorded at a studio in [PINK FLOYD guitarist] David Gilmour's house [in England], which was great," Mustaine said.

"The kit is the only one that's available in the world to rent," Drover added. "Dave surprised me with that, which was pretty incredible because I didn't even know it was possible to get Bonham's kit to rent for anybody. So I incorporated the bass drum and his floor tom and a snare on the kit that I use in the studio, and that was really inspiring. We played in the middle of nowhere and it was just a really cool vibe."

Regarding the musical direction of "United Abominations", Mustaine said, "If I was to say what time this record would have came out, I would have said some time before [1990's] 'Rust in Peace' or sometime after [1992's] 'Countdown to Extinction'. The critics called 'The System Has Failed' a return to form, but this is even more so. The record company that I'm with now gets it and I'm with management who gets it. So I don't have to write songs because the wives of certain bandmembers are griping or their mortgage is not getting paid or management is telling me that I've got to get a record done to do the tour and I've got to do the tour because if not, I'm not going to be able to pay my bills."

"United Abominations" will contain 11 songs, including the title track, "Washington's Next" and "Gears of War" an additional track will be included with the Japanese release. "It's a really diverse record," Shawn said. "There's some faster stuff that should appeal to the band's thrash fans and it's got a little more mainstream stuff as well. It's definitely not one-dimensional."

Thomas Hammermann21.07.2006


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