Autumn - ATUMN Tourabsage

ATUMN Tourabsage


Aufgrund gesundheitlicher Probleme der Sängerin Nienke müssen die für Oktober geplanten Shows von AUTUMN leider ausfallen.

Das Statement der Band dazu liest sich folgendermaßen:

"We very much regret the situation and promise to make it up to you in a later stage! Besides this first of all we wish Nienke well and hope to have her back on stage with us any time soon."

A few words from Nienke about the situation:

"Dear all,

I've been suffering currently from strong heart-palpitations combined with difficulty in breathing when performing or undertaking heavy activities and followed up by severe migraine and extreme tiredness.

Although seeking medical advice, the problem seems to get worse instead of better. At a certain point my situation forces me now to cancel a few shows. Being young and stubborn (and eager to perform) I would like to keep pushing myself to get on stage. Now, more research to the nature of this affliction leads me to the conclusion that I have to follow my doctor's advice and take care of myself and my current situation.

This must be one of the hardest decisions ever, and it brings me to tears to bow out right at this crucial and beautiful period for the band, my band-mates, the fans, and all the people we work with (Metal Blade, our booking-agencies, our management).

However, I want to get well again, I want to be able to give the audience what they deserve. Lately I felt I couldn't give you my best.... and that's the only way I want to do it.

I want to thank each and every one for coming to our shows, buying our album and supporting us in the past few months. Knowing that you guys are out there will surely help me to get back on my feet again. And as Schwarzenegger once said: I'll be back!!!!"

Biggest hug ever,

Angelika Möller15.10.2007


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